Opening Ceremony –January 15th 2022

It took two years of hard work to set up the garden and plant nursery as it is seen today  in the Mathathilparambil Estate located in Polachira, Thiruvanchoor. On  15th January 2022, at 8.30AM, Hillside Garden was blessed by Fr. Abby Alex, Vadekkara  of Lourde Matha Church, Neericad and Bishop Mar Aprem of Kottayam Diocese. Thereafter the farm was opened to the general public.

The first sale was initiated by Shrimathi Shanti, the 19th Ward Member of Neericadu in the presence of Rajasree, the 20th Ward Member of Neericad to Raheena a PhD student at MG University. The opening ceremony was attended by over 100 invited guests.

Reviews and Feedback from our dear customers

“I was so inspired by the collection of a variety of indoor and outdoor plants at Hillside Garden and Nursery. I bought a car full of plants for my new house. I was very much attracted to the variety of rose plants available, that I bought 10 pots of button roses. I could not find these kinds in other nurseries. Hillside is a true garden worth visiting, which meets all your needs of indoor and outdoor plants.”                                                       Beena Vellliyamathathil

“This area has been transformed into a beautiful place since my last visit in 2019.”


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