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A visual and
sensory treat

Hillside Garden & Nursery is a unique assemblage of a wide variety of tropical ornamental plants for nature lovers to beautify their homes, offices or to landscape their surroundings to give a natural ambience for a positive vibe.

This newly established botanical garden is located inside the Hillside farm in Polachira Junction, Thiruvanchoor which is only 8km from the town of Kottayam, in a rural setting.

More than 500 varieties of
ornamental plants

We have a large collection of more than 500 varieties of ornamental plants in our large nursery: traditional, modern, trendy, local or imported. They can be grown as indoor plants, outdoor plants, climbers and creepers, hedges and borders, flowering trees and shrubs, avenue plants and aquarium plants.

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The objectives of this model farm are

  • To grow specific tropical crops and vegetables as a part of food production
  • To develop as a “Wholesale Nursery” for both conventional and new varieties of ornamental plants of tropical origin
  • To introduce modern farming methods like organic agriculture, hydroponics, aquaponics, green house (polyhouse) farming, vertical farming and other most modern methods in plant propagation,
  • To introduce small scale livestock farming using animals of economic importance like; chickens, ducks, goats, buffalos
  • To serve the farm as a model for sustainable agriculture by integrating crop cultivation, horticulture, aquaculture, herbal gardening, organic farming, livestock farming and aviary
  • To serve as a practical center of excellence in agricultural sciences and biodiversity studies for students from high schools to graduate levels from both India and abroad
  • To develop into a model farm to attract farm tourists.


Prof. Dr. Sunny Luke

Prof. Dr.Sunny Luke, a graduate in Genetics & Plant Breeding from India and Medical Biotechnology from USA, is a naturalized US citizen and has worked as a Medical Scientist for 30years in USA with various medical institutions in New York.