500+ varieties of ornamental plants

A unique assemblage of a wide variety of tropical ornamental plants for nature lovers…

Hillside Garden & Nursery located in Thiruvanchoor, Kerala, India is the brain child of Prof. Dr. Sunny Luke. He has developed this farm as a retirement pass time and is now a source of attraction for many natural enthusiasts to visit, relax or to buy ornamental plans and other farm products. In this sustainable farm, indoor, outdoor & wholesale nurseries, fish ponds, aviary, poultry, vegetables and crops, coexist in a natural habitat supporting each other.

Traditional, Modern, Trendy, Local or Imported

We have a large collection of more than 500 varieties of ornamental plants in our large nursery

Experience India Through Tropical Biology and Biodiversity Studies

Hillside Farm and Botanical Garden associates with IISAC, USA and New Earth University, USA to offer short term study progams in India for transferable credits. Learn more on faculty-led, semester and project India programs for foreign students.