Agric & Nature Education

Practical Training

Education & Field Study

Hillside farm now serves as a practical training center for IISAC and New Earth University students from India and abroad in Tropical Agriculture and Biodiversity Studies.

Such students can earn academic credits from IISAC, or New Earth University while learning practical skills in crop science, animal science, horticulture and aquaculture.

The programs are all “short study programs” from two weeks to three months. Faculty –led programs for US University professors are also organized through IISAC in Kerala, and their field courses can be customized for foreign professors interested to bring their students for an exposure to Tropical Biology, Biodiversity and Agriculture.

Practical Courses at Hillside Farm

  • Agricultural Education , Crop Science, Animal Science
  • Horticultural Science, Aquaculture, Vegetable Cultivation and Management
  • Organic agriculture, Hydroponics, Green House and Polyhouse cultivation
  • Mushroom cultivation, Aviary and Bird Breeding
  • Ornamental Fish Breeding , Biofloc fish farming
  • Weed Science, Plant pathology , Crop biology, tropical biodiversity, Soil science
  • Miniature gardening and terrarium, Vermicompositing and organic manure
  • Landscaping, Plantation crops , tropical forestry
  • Poultry science (chicken &ducks) , goat farming , rabbit rearng
  • Food Science , Indian cuisine and Cooking
  • Medicinal plants of Kerala & Ayurveda
  • Yoga & Martial Arts.

Experiencing India through Study Abroad

The founder of Hillside farm Prof. Dr. Sunny Luke, is also the founder and the first chairman of IISAC, , USA, a non –profit education and technology organization .It emphasizes on global citizenship, international education and collaborative research. Through IISAC, he has developed the first “Semester In India Program’’ with Pondicherry University in 2000, and later expanded to KIIT University, Odisha and Kerala University. Now the Hillside farm associates with IISAC and New Earth University to offer various short term study programs for transferable credits.

Nature Camp

Hillside farm is customized for nature campers and farm visitors for education, adventure and fun. Through this program, students will get hands on experience in plant nursery, crop science , soil science , weed science , crop husbandry, aquaculture, aviary , livestock like; chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats and buffalos. Opportunities are also available in small projects like; hydroponics, aquaponics, green house farming, vertical farming, plant propagation, organic agriculture, vegetable farming, nursery management, vermicomposting, meal worm cultivation, water chemistry, aquatic plants, fish breeding and organic manure formation, water quality testing, plant pathology, crop breeding, pollution control etc.
The fun part of the camp program includes; canoeing, river bath, back water experience, forest walk, mountain hiking and volunteering in farm work.
Nature camp is a joint program of Hillside farm, IISAC & TIES drawing strengths from different resources. Our main partner is TIES (Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences) …(link Nature camp)

Earth Ambassador Program

This is a novel initiative of Hillside Farm developed with IISAC and TIES to train selected high school and middle school teachers from India and abroad to be trained as “Earth Ambassadors” to become the voice for their students to save our most beautiful and wonderful planet Earth”
Planet earth and its changing environment affect all 7.5 billon of us. We are on a revolutionary endeavor to make a positive dent on the planet we live, beginning with Kerala.
Kerala has been in a fragile position with severe floods, pollution, scarcity of potable water, vector borne diseases, deforestation, mono cropping urbanization and many other factors directly affecting our planet. As a result, Earth Ambassador Leadership Program is designed by IISAC, TIES and Hillside Farm. The program known as “train the trainer program” is for teachers from primary, middle to high schools to empower them to save our planet earth for future generations through their students.
They will go through a 3 week training program at Tropical Institute of Ecological Studies (TIES) and Hillside farm simultaneously. TIES is a 15minute drive from the farm.
On returning to their respective schools after training, these Earth Ambassadors, are expected to start Earth Clubs in their schools. The teachers will become moderators of the school’s first Earth Club that will be comprised of students who are passionate to protect planet Earth. At each school, the Earth Ambassador will run practical field work to teach their students activities that will deepen their connections with the environment.


Green Day Program: Programs for the vulnerable

This is a special initiative of Hillside farm to emotionally and socially support the vulnerable and under privileged citizens of the society to spend a day or days as green lovers on the farm. Children with autism, cerebral palsy, mentally challenged, physically challenged, older citizens in shelters, abandoned and neglected are taken to the farm for a day of relaxation and bonding.

This program known as “Green Day” focuses on farm activities to improve their developmental, social and physical challenges. Farm based activities also help the old who are at great risk of depression, can find an outlet for happiness. As of now, this Green Day program is a charity program of IISAC, but in the future generosity of individual donors and private foundations are expected.