Agri Nursery

Kerala houses are famous for homestead gardens. Keralites are smart in utilizing the area around their houses in growing fruit crops, vegetables, ornamental plants and a limited no of medicinal herbs.

Our Hillside Botanical Garden and Nursery cater the gardening needs of home owners in Kerala with high yielding varieties of hybrid and bud fruit plants. We stock the following crops for you.

Coconut, Arecanut, Jack fruit, Mango, Guava, Rambutan, Mongosteen, Custard Apple, Pomelo, Lemon, Lime, Tamarind, Bilimbi, Dragon fruit, and other medical herbs like Tulasi, Panikurkka, Aloe vera. Also timber tree seedlings like Teak.

We have a special section in the nursery devoted for vegetable seedlings and tissue cultured banana and plantain seedlings of high yield for the farmers of nearby villages